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LOVE & HIP HOP season 2

Sat, 11/19/2011 - 11:24AM by bailey li 0 Comments -

yandy smith, mona scott-young & KimbellaA sizzling new season has approached for all you LOVE & HIP HOP FANaddicts and whether I’m the first to admit it or not my eyes will be glued to the tube for the rest of the new season. On Sunday, November 13th 2011, my crew and I attended a private pre-screening in West Orange NJ at the home of one of the executive producers and creator of the show; Mona Scott Young. We had the opportunity to mix and mingle with Mona, another producer of the show as well as  new cast members; Kimbella (baby moms” of Juelz Santana) and Yandy Smith ( Manager of Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes & Toccara). Mama Jones (Jim Jones' Mother) also made an appearance toting a bottle of her new “Psychotic Bitch” liquor in hand.love& hip hop castyandy, Kimbella & momma Jones

Bailey Li & Mona Scott-Young.mona & baileyli

I'm not sure If you recall the title of my article that I wrote when I attended  the Love and Hip Hip reunion show several months ago but if not let me re-fresh your memory: RED BOTTOMS CLICKIN’ AND DRAMA THATS SURE TO HAVE YOU GRIPPED IN.  Well perhaps I should entitle this new article: RED BOTTOMS KICKIN because I’m sure you’ve seen the first show of the new season by now and if you havent then you better youtube it... Chrissy Lampkin (Jim Jones’ girl) stomped the air out of  Kimbella’s seemingly inflated, yet clueless head after Kimbella offered up some inappropriately timed info about having dated Emily’s Ex (rapper Fabolous).The reason this caused such an uproar and angered Chrissy to violence was because Kimbella chose to announce this in front of everyone at Emily’s Celebration of her “leaving Fab” party. Chrissy (NOT EMILY!!! by the way - but Yes- I will say it again “Chrissy” gets pissed then confronts, hits and stomps Kimbella. I'm almost certain that everyone in the audience at the pre-screening would agree that we all felt that Kimbella's decision and timing was insensitive and offensive. In fact my photographer actually caught the reaction of some of the viewers as they clinched themselves and painfully watched on. My friend Shon had to shhhhhhsh me several times as I yelled out "NO!!!! why did she do that?... What was she thinking!" I guess he felt bad for Kimbella who sat there sighing as she watched her scene for the very first time. I looked over at her and thought to myself Girl I know I have had my blonde moments but sweety you take the cake ...someone give her a script from now on please. Chrissy was not in attendance nor was Emily and I wonder if it's because the girls preferred not to be in one another's presence.  I felt embarassed for all three girls but not as Embarassed as I felt for Jim and Mama Jones!  When clips of  Mama Jone's raunchy video ‘Psychotic Bitch” came accross the screen she couldnt bare to watch it herself; she excused herself and walked out onto the deck and closed the sliding door behind her.  With regards to the video/song all I can say is Ewwwwwwwwwwwww talk about embarassing!!! Perhaps JIm should just do the comeback/remix and call it "psychotic son" (hey if you can't beat her then make fun of her hahaha.)

Well The Basketball Wives better watch out because LOVE & HOP HOP SEASON 2 may very well slam dunk on them in ratings. Its my hope that new cast member Yandy Smith will help all these reality stars step their game up. Yandy is a 29yr old business woman who worked her way up from assistant to manager of  top notch artists like Missy Elliot and Busta' Rhymes etc and ended up Partnering with her boss Mona Scott-Young on the Love & Hip Hop project.Yandy also has her own accessories line and will hopefully be the breath of fresh air the show needs to shift its focus from negative to positive. I will be tuning in every Monday as well as bringing you some exclusive interviews from the cast members.

For a better understanding of the intentions and visions of Yandy, Kimbella, Momma Jones and even the producers of the show JWSD productions and Your covergirl BaileyLi have included video footage of the Q&A session which I will be posting soon. The bloggers/reporters/writers etc in attendance at the private pre-screening event where given the opportunity to get up, close and personal and ask the questions we all want answers to so stay tuned and enjoy the photos.Bailey Li & Kay Fox



Was it Destiny??? Singer Kelly Rowland blesses us with one of her sexiest performances yet!

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 4:50PM by bailey li 0 Comments -

Kelly RowlandMotivational Songstress Kelly Rowland Looked absolutely gorgeous last nite at Club 4sixty6 in West Orange NJ as she gave us a performance we will never forget. She wore a bondage bustier made of leather and chains paired with black trousers for the perfect balance of a sophisticated seductress look. Since her popular hit "motivation" debuted we've seen Kelly treading the lines of feminine, sensual style yet managing to never make it too sleezy and we've had our eyes glued to her latest choreographic dance moves since her appearance on the BET Awards. Well last night's energetic performance fashionably  towers them all as she gracefully shakes off an epic wardrobe malfunction that may easily crown her New Jersey's Flavor of the moment "chocolate  chip DOUBLE scoop ice cream sundae with TATAS on top" Her boob blunder didnt phase her a bit she just swung her long tresses to cover her up  enough to make a quick adjustment without interrupting her perormance.  This Chic was so cool about it that she jokingly  tweeted a semi apology to NJ saying "New Jersey crowd was amazing!! hope you enjoyed the show and didnt mind the peekaboo LOL!!!  " She's  absolutely right ...stuff does happen and I  think I speak for all of the men at 4sixty6 lastnite when I say that alot of people looked very happy that her stuff happened to us because now New Jersey and its very own club 4sixty6  is officially Destination Motivation!! "OH (Jersey) LOVER"

Kelly Rowland & Vince Carrolkelly rowland& Vince carrollBaileyLi & Kelly Rowlandsienna & bailey liSienna & bailey Likelly rowlandbailey li


http://youtu.be/C1tYibjsyng (Your Covergirl Bailey Li covering Kelly Rowland @ 4sixty6 in West Orange NJ)


HGTV's star Dina Manzo films the last episode of her upcoming season to "Dina's Party" at Joumana Kidd's Charity event

Sat, 08/27/2011 - 5:49PM by bailey li 0 Comments -

Juamana Kidd & Dina ManzoI cannot say enough about this charity event held at the home of Joumana Kidd, hosted by Allan Houston and David Tyree in Saddle River NJ. It was A very classy event held for a wonderful cause. The Xperience outreach foundation which caters to children in need received the proceeds of a silent and traditional Auction and to add icing to the cake Celebrity event planner Dina Manzo provided the decor. Speaking as an interior decorator I must admit I was highly impressed with Dina's work she accomplished an elegant sports theme with a splash of spring... complete with floating basketballs, a moving  statue, and floral centerpieces shaped like ...you know it...all types of "balls."  My favorite was the  beautiful poolside cabana bed draped in  yellow sheers and adorned with colorful throw pillows. Ahhh but I think I discovered my favorite person of the evening; Mark the famous mixologist was there mixing spritzer martinis and a specialty drink named after the theme of the event night  under the stars delicious it was not to mention that the event was catered to a tee! On the ones and twos was DJ Cubby Bryant and of course Hgtv was in the house filming and catching some great scenes for Dina's Party (Ireally hope they didnt catch me on the dance floor lol).

Enjoy the photos compliments of JW SD productions and stay tuned for my Red Carpet interviews.

Jaumana Kidd & Bailey LiDina Manzobaileylimark the mixologistDina manzo & bailey Li


Jerseylicious star Gayle Giacomo hosts a project lady bug charity event at her famous Gatsby salon

Sat, 08/27/2011 - 2:11PM by bailey li 0 Comments -

All the proceeds for the event went to Dina manzo's project ladybug charity to help benefit children stricken by cancer.

Gayle Giacomo & Bailey LIGayle Giacomo being interviewed by  Bailey Li

Bailey Lijerseylicious Gayle GiacomoGatsby salonDina Manzo's Project ladybug charitygatsbyGatsby salondeb at gatsby salonDebra Bailey at The gatsby salon

gayle with jerseyliciouss fans


YourCOVERgirl Bailey covers NBC's newest reality fitness show "The Great American Health Challenge"

Mon, 08/01/2011 - 7:45PM by bailey li 0 Comments -

Lasse Larsen & Bailey Li

On Wednesday July 20th your COVERgirl Bailey covered the Finale of NBC's latest fitness show "The Great American Health Challenge" at Taj Restaurant & Lounge in New York. Joining me on the red carpet was the gorgeous International Model Lasse Larsen of “What Chilli wants”, contestant of the show Renee Jennings (whom by the way was so much fun to interview), Walter “Lucky” Simons and his lovely wife, singing group ALLURE, World renowned Artist Ryan Paul Simmons, Recording artist Shire.’
Walter "Lucky" Simons and Team Bronx all walked away with the Grand Prize of an all expenses paid vacation courtesy of the shows official sponsors.

Celebrity guest in attendance included Linebacker for the Jacksonville Jaguars Alvin Bowen, The Fabulous Five Creators of the "MILF" Fashion Line, Fred Williams of C&C Music Factory ,Stylists to Missy Elliott ,Brandon Atherly & Lexx Perry and many more.

Special thanks to Storm PR Agency /Jovana Jenkins for inviting YourCOVERgirl to cover such a energetic and exciting event filled with live performances and a

sexy atmosphere. Also special thanks to JW SD productions for the awesome photographs and video coverage.

Renee jennings & Bailey LiWalter "Lucky" Simons w wife & Bailey liMILF with Bailey liLex Perry (celebrity Designer w Bailey li

Ryaan Paul simmons & Bailey Li


"I'm A F*ckin Artist" Serron challenges us to XPLORE FREEDOM

Wed, 07/27/2011 - 1:35AM by bailey li 0 Comments -


If you go to Xplore Freedom's facebook page Serron  has "Im a F*ckin Artist" as his job title and rightfully so. Unlike the image you may imagine of a starving artist toting around his back Pack of aerosol paint cans while jumping turnstiles and missing weekly haircuts. Serron doesnt appear to miss any haircuts (nor have i seen him turnstile jumping lol). Interestingly enough however  is the fact that this talented force to be reckoned with has strategically kept his day-job and practices his art around his workshift; morning, night and weekends in his home studio or on the rooftop of his loft apt. He attributes his balancing act of artist/ author/ day-jobber to his daughter who as he puts it...”needs a prom gown and a car and whatever else daddy deems necessary.” So Its no surprise to me that he keeps one of his unintentionally –I might add- fashionable, paint splattered construction boots grounded while the other is vastly making strides in the artistic world. He was once modest to the point of refusing to acknowledge himself as an artist and literally argueing that he would not sell his work although I'd often catch him at the art supply store with his back pack in tow.  So I am personally elated to hear him utter the obvious ”I'm a f*ckin artist".. Because truth be told he's a f*cking amazing artist and personal friend of mine meet Serron  / XPLORE FREEDOM His work is an undefinable, raw expression of the black experience through painted vandalism on canvas and a depiction of unadultered love.

“The work was inspired solely by the ups and downs of my current relationship. They were all in some way shape or form inspired by my girlfriend and how people are afraid to show their emotions. I decided to show mine through my work”

Artist Statement

“While still maintaining my own artistic voice and focusing on the craftsmanship of my work, I aim to allow the viewers to peer into history. The rise and fall of historical leaders, the Black Power movement, and development of graffiti are just a few staples that influenced my creative process. I began as a graffiti artist yet now use urban media techniques to bridge the gap between street expression and historical education. Art must say something and I use different mediums to do that! ”






MISSION: INSPIRE - Meca Mckinney a true Jypsea!

Sun, 07/24/2011 - 1:14AM by bailey li 0 Comments -
Gypsy is to "moving around"  as JYPSEA is to "making moves"
when I think of Meca Mckinney I am inspired not only by her creativity but equally by her passion and willingness to help others. I cant tell you how many times I have asked Mecca a question and it led to her offering her assistance advice and even detailed instruction on how to accomplish something she herself is skilled in and gets paid to do, she does this without asking anything in return. This is a refreshing trait and one of the many things that causes me to admire Meca. Her creative talent as a designer speaks for itself so I invited her on my radio show last friday because I believe her inner beauty speaks volumes as well. She demonstrates through her continued efforts her desire to assist and encourage others aspiring to create and embody their passions. Meca is a true artist who moves about with a purpose.
Heres her Bio:
Meca McKinney is a accessory design graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology and holds a degree in art from Thomas Edison State College. Her journey has taken her throughout the NYC corporate fashion industry as a technical footwear designer to self-employment as an independent handbag designer and freelancer for corporations and other indies alike. Besides her own line of custom-made leather handbags and accessories, she is also a freelancer fashion writer for publications such as Tyra Bank's website TypeF.comEdgePhiladelphia.com, The Examiner.com and is a lifestyle blogger. She teaches art/design to youngsters whenever possible, recently teaching handbag design for the Habitat of Humanity Recreation Center in Trenton and makes her rounds doing d.i.y fashion workshops and guest speaking engagements upon request. In May she was honored to be a guest speaker on a panel of entrepreneur women at Princeton University.

Meca and her designs have been featured in Upscale Magazine, Philadelphia Magazine, Trace Magazine, Clutch Mag Online, and countless fashion blogs. Some notable wearers of Jypsea’s handbags and accessories include Neo-soul singer Res, Imani Copolla of the rock group Little Sister and Judith Jamison of the famed Alvin Ailey Dance Theater. She was recently on The Today Show in a feature about eco-friendly fashion brands.

In March 2011, her first design book, "ENVISION: The Young Accessory Designer's Guide to Collection Development" was released.

Her website:
Jypsea~ Eclectic Handcrafted Leathergoods

Her Blog:
Lifestyles of the Authentic & Creative tm

www.LOTA-N-C.Blogspot.comlast but not at all least its ME your covergirl Baileyli! lol rockin the jypsea warrior vestbailey li rocking jypsea ecclectic leather warrior vest




Has reality set in for former $60million NBA star KENNY ANDERSON?

Fri, 07/08/2011 - 1:35PM by bailey li 0 Comments -

Has reality set in for Kenny Anderson? Ex husband of Tami Roman of Tv’s Basketball wives. The Former 60 million dollar NBA Player has begun rebuilding his brand and is currently working on his very own Reality show along with his clothing line “Pass the roc” and is rumored to be writing a book where he mentions his ex wife Tami Roman and states “Don’t ever marry a Ho from the Real World” (yikes I hope that’s just a rumor). Kenny has made recent appearances on tv as he was seen toughing it out with his Ex wife on Basketball wives and called front and center to address the issues of not being present in ther daughters lives for over ten years and not having paid child support. He was also seen on Sweet 16 with Spinderella giving their daughter a sweet sixteen party. After many life lessons the loss of his career, his mom and his money and never having met his own dad til the age of 30, Kenny has humbled himself to living what he calls an Average life and his latest goal has been to be a good father and bring his seven children together and remain a constant part of their lives. Kenny is an aspiring coach and his been active in the community working with the youth in basketball clinics which he hosts regulary. I attended one of the clinics in Jersey city New Jersey with my son and got a chance to speak with Kenny and the Executive producer of his upcoming reality series Jarrod Greene who is very optimistic about Kenny’s future. I also attended a taping of the show at Rio 22 in New Jersey so look for me on TV haha! I hope you enjoy the picsBailey Li and Kenny AndersonBailey Li and Debra Bailey 



LOFT 47 -A taste of NEW YORK right here in NJ!

Tue, 06/28/2011 - 2:39PM by bailey li 0 Comments -

LOFT 47 has everything going for it. It’s a spacious multi-level wine bistro lounge stylishly equipped to accommodate live musical performances and so much more. The versatile décor serves as the backdrop for a melting pot of politicians/ after work professionals /the Artsy hipster/ the sports lover and of course the fashionable socialite. No one would feel out of place at LOFT 47

With its Black walls Massive crystal chandeliers a grand staircase that leads to the upstairs loft area which overlooks the elongated bar and downstairs atmosphere… Loft 47 is like no other venue you’ve been to in NJ. The huge Brick exterior and the Models greeting you at the door certainly gives you a taste of what we’ve come to love and expect from a New York City venue. Owned and Operated by Tami Brown of Sasha B enterprises who previously owned a highly successful upscale sports bar right in the heart of Newark she is no stranger to the restaurant and Lounge industry. When her and her Husband came across the property in a prime location on Edison place (directly across from THE PRUDENTIAL CENTER) Her business Savvy went to work and they erected from the ground up “Loft 47” which is expected to become the go to place for music lovers/ sports lovers/ and leisure lovers as well as Celebrity events. Tami has already gotten the warm welcome of Mayor Corey Booker who gave a speech at the ribbon cutting and spoke about how impressed he is with Tami’s drive and determination. Bacardi has already hosted an NBA draft Party there and Mission entertainment hosted a mix and mingle there all of this before the official grand opening which is going down tomorrow evening June 29th from 6:00 pm -10 pm.Sasha B

Loft 47 is Located at 45-47 Edison Place, Newark NJ its a 6,840-square-foot minority-and female-owned upscale bar and bistro, specializing in American cuisine with a southern flair. It employs 35 persons, 15 of them are Newark residents” Newark press.



Balling for Bone marrow at The "Preserve our Legacy" Celebrity Basketball event. covered by YourCOVERgirl Bailey Li & D.Armani

Wed, 06/22/2011 - 3:31PM by bailey li 0 Comments -

Benefit shows tend to be a dime a dozen, but this was not the case on June 18th, 2011 with the P.O.L. event. P.O.L or Preserve Our Legacy is a Philanthropy group that was founded by Shana Melius in the memory of Jaden Hilton, 2, who died of a bone marrow related illness because no matching donor could be found. This is one of the main impetuses behind Preserve Our Legacy and when one hears Ezekiel “Freekey Zekey” Jiles, a major spokesperson for P.O.L, voice his concerns regarding bone marrow related diseases the passion is immediately evident. Most if not all of the celebrities involved in the event showed a similar concern, many of them even admitted that their involvement in the event also helped to educate them on how easy it is to donate bone marrow. Each and every person that would go on to “don the Jersey” for the game was more than happy to be interviewed and allow their faces to be associated with the event. However, there was no shameless self-promoting, everyone was there in memory of Jaden, but also to bring enough press to the event and its cause so that another case like Jaden’s doesn’t happen again.

The event was kicked off with Monifah singing the star spangled banner. Her rendition of our nation’s anthem was as jarring as one should expect and was the perfect pre-game prelude.monifah & Bailey LiBailey Li and Monifahfreakey zeekey & bailey liBailey Li and freakey Zekey

The actual basketball playing was surprisingly intense. It was the music team with the likes of J.D Williams of “the wire”, Tobias Travillion, Do it all Kelly DJ Clue, and many others coached by freakey Zeakey and Mama Jones of Love and Hip hop  vs. the sports team with actual American Basketball League players from the NYC Thunder team coached by Mike Logan, Liris Cross and WNBA player Maria Clifton. One might have expected the music team to get squashed, but in a crazy upset they managed to pull out a victory over the sports team. However, a degree of levity was allowed into the event by the inclusion of LJ in the Sports team’s roster. LJ’s story is special because he is currently undergoing treatment for a bone marrow related illness, but at the event he looked as bright and wide-eyed as any child. He even managed to score a few baskets despite the opposition he faced on the music team. LJ’s inclusion into the game demonstrated that at the end of the day, win or lose, the event was not about the celebrities playing in it, as it was about raising awareness so that children such as LJ stand a chance. by Dejon A. TurnerMusic teamlj

JD Williams and Bailey Li

LJ wrestles down his teammate!

mama jonesBailey li and Mama jones

Special Thanks and photo Credits to: Banks Photography. Thx Banks!!


Brooks and Bailey sponsors the 2nd Annual Blackout awards along with Cover Girls Queen collection

Mon, 06/13/2011 - 9:41PM by bailey li 0 Comments -

brooks and baileyBrooks and Bailey

Yesterday we were so proud to be a part of such a unique and amazing event honoring such greats as playwright; for all colored girls and lifetime achievement award recipient Ntozake Shange, BET's Award winning journalist and trailblazer award recipient April Woodard, self-help author, motivational speaker and vanguard award recipient Crystal Wright, Humanitarian award recipient Hydeia Broadbent and 4 time Emmy award winning Karen Dupiche. We were pleased to present the top 5 honorees listed above with Ghibli, italy python wallets and to be one of the many sponsors in attendance. The most inspirational part of the evening aside from being amongst such a great lineup of additional honorees and pioneers in the beauty and fashion industries were the speeches made by AJ Crimson, Coco & Breezy and Johnny Nunez to name a few. We were so moved by the many experiences and accomplishments shared with the audience and celebrated by all. Yancey Edwards did a wonderful job of selecting and awarding the most notable and impactful names in the industry and Toni Tonge made a great effort at bringing it all to life center stage... complete with music performances a fashion show and VIP lounge. Also in attendance was Mikki Taylor, Misa Hylton, Dee Vasques, Tahiry, Lexi Chow, and many more Brooks & Baileyblackout awardsbailey&cocobreezybailey&johnblassingameBailey Li and John Blassingamemisa&LiMisa Hylton and Bailey licoco&breezyCoCo & BreezyApril Woodard & Bailey LiApril Woodard and Bailey LiJohnny Nunez & Bailey LiBailey Li & johnny nunezmikki TaylorMikki Taylor/ Essence magazineLexi Chow & vanessa jaseyLexi Chow & Vanessa Jasey

Special Thanks to Vanessa Jasey of theNJOT.com for her coverage and photos of the event.



"Craziness is like Heaven" Decorating for the Vanessa Jasey Show!

Wed, 05/18/2011 - 6:40PM by bailey li 0 Comments -

If you've never met Vanessa Jasey or seen any of her shows then you are missing out on an opportunity to witness a true human butterfly. Vanessa floats through life with a daring uniqueness all her own. You can never quite nail her down to any particular look or style because one day you may see her in a blonde wig and furry boots and the next day she's in sequins and flip flops or a cocktail dress with a baseball cap on. Vanessa is not restricted to any season any reason or any label she is simply “Vanessa Jasey” the Queen of crazy and she makes her own rules. One of the many reasons I was drawn to Vanessa is because she boldly uncompromisingly “keeps it real” not only when it comes to speaking to and about others she’s interviewing but she always keeps it real about her own journey as well. Vanessa proudly professes to the world about such things as being a sucker for love and speaks frankly about her once, on again - off again tumultuous relationship with “Buck wild” of “the Star & Buck wild show. Prior to starting her own show Vanessa worked as an intern on the WENDY WILLIAMS EXPERIENCE with Wendy Williams who not only shared the mic with Vanessa but frequently raved about Vanessa on air. As evidenced on Vanessa’s website the first thing you hear when you reach her site is Wendy Williams voice singing Vanessa’s praises by stating that "once in a while you come across a star like Vanessa." Vanessa has no problem relaying the story about how she was “fired” from the Wendy Williams show after she took a picture in Wendy’s Brand new Bentley but sorry that’s a whole ‘nother article and if you want to learn more about Vanessa you’ll have to catch her on cable or the many avenues where she can be viewed.

This Article is about brand new beginnings for Vanessa with a brand new SET for her show! When she came to me and asked me to decorate her new set stationed in an old mansion in Newark NJ the excitement in her voice had me amped to work with her on her new venture. Knowing her story and her passion to continue on her path to being a radio/TV personality superstar I admired her honesty her determination and her drive. When I saw the space I thought wow it has potential yet needs "alot" of work and when she called me a few days later and told me her budget I thought "oh yeah she’s definitely certifiably CRAZY!!! There would be no contractors to make paint and make repairs in fact the budget didn’t even allow for much more than my gas money given the length of hours and time I would have to commit. I told her I would think about it knowing full well that if I took on this project I'd basically be working for free. Something drew me to Vanessa’s mission and because I completely believe in her vision I agreed to take on the challenge of transforming the drab space into something fabulously her own. It was soooo much fun working with Vanessa, we laughed most of the time, we screamed at each other a lot but we never took each other too personally no matter how many times I wanted to literally slap her back to reality! Vanessa would call and “say did I mention that I’m gonna need the DJ’s area decorated as well?” and “oh btw I would like a station for my lap top” and “Li make sure you include purple carpet” and I'd take deep breathes and kindly respond "B*TCH YOU HAVE NO MONEY!!! And she’d say “oh yeah ...I forgot!” then we’d laugh hysterically and go about our day. I never grew tired of her persistence however I don’t think I wanna see the color purple for a long time and I’m not talking about the movie, this chick wanted purple everything OMG! I hope you have as much fun checking out the small details of what makes her set unique to her as I had finding and placing them. Meet the Vanessa Jasey set filled with all the quirky things that make up her personality. (We drew the inspiration for her set design from her favorite show Bravo TV’s Andy Cohen show)



Fri, 05/13/2011 - 11:51PM by bailey li 0 Comments -


Red bottoms clickin, and Drama that’s sure to have you gripped in on the Love and Hip hop reunion show

Fri, 05/13/2011 - 5:21PM by bailey li 0 Comments -

On Wednesday May 11th  I attended  the Love & Hip Hop reunion show Taping at NEP studios in New York. The first season of the show had a whopping 1.9 million plus viewers so it was no surprise to see the line of audience hopefuls waiting to get in. One girl told me she actually waited an entire hour in line just to be seated in the audience.

Both behind the scenes as press and front and center in the studio audience I witnessed the “bittersweet” reunion of Crissy, Olivia, Emily B and Somaya Reece. Backstage  We could feel the tension in the air as we walked pass each of the girls dressing rooms, they hadnt seen each other since the last taping so they remained secluded from one another. We caught up with the brains behind the beauty William Edmonds celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist of Soultry Scissors Salon in Livingston NJ. William is responsible for the fresh beautiful faces and healthy bouncy tresses we saw on all the girls during the first season. My photographer John Anthony caught some great flicks of Him styling Crissy.

Angie Martines surprised the audience as the host of the show. She introduced the cast and as each one approached the stage they became prey to the audiences responses: Everyone appluaded as Crissy Lampkin strutted her louboutin pewter pumps accross the floor  but  the crowd seemed to go  crazy over Emily B's china doll bangs and skin tight leopard print ensemble, Somaya's betty boop look wasn’t as popular with the crowd and “OLDLIVIA” was what I heard from behind me as Olivia stepped on stage. Jim Jones showed up without his engagement ring but featured his brand new pretty boy haircut and Maurice showed up apologizing to Crissy a second time.

The reunion show is a clear indication of whats to come in the new season: a relationship that’s still hanging on a hinge, a marriage proposal that never gets solidified .and based on the momma drama and disrespect I witnessed on stage …prob never will (but hey you never know Jim Jones might finally stay sober long enuf to step up and end the madness between his girlfriend and mom).

The spiciest scene of all was the beef between Rich and Somaya that not only got heated but turned into an inferno of curses and disses live on stage. People storming off stage some emotional outbursts that nearly led to tears and even some swearin at the audience. All this while Moscato was passed around and make up artists were flocking forward and back doing touchups on the girls.

The set design  was nothing short of glamorous featuring a gold leather victorian style chair which was tufted with rhinestone buttons and served as Angie Martines' throne. Two purple and gold velvet settees on either side seated Somaya and Emily B together  and Crisssy and Olivia on the other side.  Crystal chandeliers and silver/gray crushed velvet drapes served as the back drop and still none of the glamour overshadowed the fact that real lives and real personal issues and frailties were willingly being exposed for all the world to see and criticize. At one point  one of the producers of the show turned to the audience after three cast members stormed off stage almost at once and said  “ this is some real life stuff theyre dealing with… this isn’t easy.. please bare with us"  You really need to tune into VH1 on May 16th at 8pm so you can see the drama for yourself.

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